Feb 13

The first WMI in Spain/Germany

WeMakeIt user: Nieves from SpainWe just delivered the first WeMakeIt in a German city called Kassel. Nieves is a student from Spain and asked for the kit during the end of year holidays. WeMakeIt is growing slowly and this makes us the happiest geeks on earth.

Stay tunned

Jan 13

Materials and components

Hello friends of WeMakeIt,

We’ve been away from the blog mainly due to the fact that we wanted to get a little bit relaxed after the work back in September for making the WeMakeIt idea real. Here is what is happening:

We have given away some kits during December, which gives us the positive energy to work harder on this project. Seems like there are a lot of people that want to give it as a holiday gift, a fact that we will definitely keep in mind during the production phase in December 2013.

Feedback and support system
During the contact we had with all the people that got the kit and played with it they needed a system that will provide faster and decentralized support for any issue they might have. We are thinking of a wiki or a mailing list system for the moment. Any ideas on this would be highly appreciated.

Visual Identity
Another pending issue  was the visual identity of the kit that would help us communicate it better with all the involved partners including media, bloggers, end users and partners. At the moment we are working with some good friends and the results so far are amazing. More info about this during the next weeks.

WeMakeIt boxes

These are the major things happening here in the Balkans. We wish you a happy, healthy and a productive 2013!

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