Open Source Hardware

This project is open source. What does this mean? It means everything involved in making this kit, this guide, 3D models, or code is available for free download. But, it goes further, you’re also free to reproduce and modify any of this material, then distribute it for yourself.

The catch? Quite simple, it is released under a Creative Commons (By – Share Alike) license. This means you must credit .:oomlout:. (the starter of this kit) and “WE MAKE IT” in your design, sharing your developments in a similar manner.

Ask one of the partners of the project, we will be happy to introduce to you all the different Creative Commons licensing system.

Why we are releasing under this license? Because this project, developed for Balkans, it is first of all derived from another project and also because we believe in learning, networking with passionate people, playing with open source software and experiencing the feeling to share the knowledge with all the people involved with it.

We think that is lovely to share the same experience also with multi-sensorial projects including the physical things.  More details on the Creative Commons CC (By – Share Alike) License can be found at

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